Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Lucy's House Rusty Wire & Dad's Backyard

It truly is amazing that some things that are on the streets destined for the scrap heap, some how find true value. It is something like a rebirth or a coming of the new era or something like that. Gosh I am starting to get a little heavy aren’t I? Well that is not my intension here by any means. But it is truly amazing to see what can be used all over again. This is what has happened in this particular case. Lucy my dear, dear friend gave me this beautiful Collections framed piece of artwork and it had to be mounted onto something or at least hung up for all to admire. Well when in town working the night shifts just recently I came across this piece of wire that was destined for the street sweepers. I quickly snatched it up with total wow factor and got really excited. The other person working with me at the time thought I was a total nutter, well on that part he was right, no seriously I am not a nutter, but he thought so. Anyway this lovely piece of wire had true potential it was destined to be used on Lucy’s work, what a wonderful addition to the rusty and cream work she had already given me. I was also up at my fathers last weekend talking with my son who was cleaning up the backyard. Well to my utter surprise there were tins and drums full of rusty things. Michael De Meng eat your heart out there is so much in my dads backyard you would be happy for years. Well I snaffled a few nails, nuts and bolts and all sorts of interesting things, things that didn't need rusting because mother nature has already done it for me. So with the nuts they got glued onto Lucy’s work and wallah......... all completed. Just loved it to bits because you gave it to me and love it all that more because the streets of Melbourne and my dads backyard are part of it too.

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