Friday, 4 May 2012


I can't believe how fast time flies it only seems like yesterday that I was in Malaysia but it was last month.  I have been sorting through my photos. I really should get around to doing a scrapbook on my holiday, you never know I might even be successful in actually finishing, hang on a minute, I actually have to start don't I, yep, get it in the right order Eliza.  Helps if I talk to myself and sort things out, no I am not mad it is the inner me keeping me in line.

So arrived in Kuala Lampur and this was the sights from the hotel.

These tall buildings are lighting up the night sky and you could see them from the plane as I was flying into Malaysia and the airport was about 90 minutes away from where I was staying.  The name of these buildings is the Patronas Twin Towers. 

The twin towers were built in 1996 and is 88 storeys tall at a height of 452 meters above the street level.  These twin towers are currently the tallest twin towers in the world.  Quite a significant landmark.
After a few days I actually went to the towers for business and was surprised to find the most amazing shopping centre inside Tower 2.   Tower 1 was for business only and had security on the ground floor with machine guns, unless you had an appointment and could prove it you couldn't get inside, there was no way in hell of even getting a photo of the security..... LOL

Some amazing art sculpture at the main entrance to the towers.

This is a bridge joining the towers together, doesn't look strong enough to hold them together,
people walk across this bridge all the time.  Not me, no way in hell.......

This is inside Tower 2 where the shops are and this is the lift to the different levels, the lift had a
weight limit and if it was over weight the doors would sound off a warning and people would
push others off, so they could keep the lift moving.  So funny, a lady with a pram and children
was pushed off by the people and she nearly left one of the children behind.

Some of the architecture in this building is amazing, I had to be careful of what photos I took
because security was everywhere and well they didn't want any photos taken, not really
sure why.

This is just a few levels of the shopping centre.

Off of every section is a corridor full of shops and more shops, cinemas, food courts and well you
 name it, it is in this place.  I was just in awe of the size.

I took this photo for my daughter Myrene as she just loves Sushi Go Round and here it was going round and round.  Literally the Sushi and other dishes of delight are placed on the continuous travelling carousel and you just take what you want from it and you get billed for it.  It is so much fun.  We have a few places in Melbourne Australia that do this but that is a hike into the city and quite pricey. 

Until later when I update with more Malaysia photos.

Thanks for looking and please leave a comment.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

This is Melbourne in the distance taken from Williamstown. The other is of the sail yards at Williamstown.

My daughter Myrene and I went out for the day to track down some of her friends which she has been following on the high seas of Antarticia. They were there for a good cause saving the whaling of whales from the nasty Japanese who are using these beautiful creatures for meat and goodness knows what else. So the anti-whaling ship was arriving in port and she just has to go and check it out and say hi to some friends. It was a really beautiful day and a lovely drive too. The Steve Irwin will be in port for a few months doing repairs and will be joined by another few shortly from the same fleet being the Sea Shephard fleet. They had a most successful season stoping the Japanese from reaching their quota of whales they only managed to catch 1 third of the quota and they went home defeated, thank goodness we still have more whales in the ocean, they are an amazing creature that needs loads of help.

The Steve Irwin was named after the late Steve Irwin from the Australia Zoo. A man dedicated to the love of animals from all corners of the earth. What a great legacy to help these defenceless whales.

From my understanding the Steve Irwin does not fly the Australian flag because it is regestered to another country, what a pity.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Funky Name Tags

Life has been sort of crazy lately I have been doing so much and having heaps of fun in the process.

ON the Labour Day long weekend here in Melbourne I didn't have to work which was a miracle so I got to teach a lovely group of ladies how to make some really cool funky name tags. There were so many ladies at the workshop it was a little crazy but in the end, all had a great time and they left with some really pleasing results and big smiles on their faces.

These funky name tags have been made out of polymer clay and coloured in pearlex powders to give a shimmering effect and some even have a bit of bling, the girls went a little crazy I do have to say. Once they started there was no stopping them.

Sorry about the photography ended up having to take photos with my iphone, thank goodness for brilliant technology.

This is only a portion of what was made but for some reason the images will not face the correct way around when posting them on the blog, so I do apologise for this.

Thanks ladies for the fun day it was a blast also thanks Debbie from Heaven Scent.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Bird Cage with Filigree Stand

Had this Twiddleybitz cage and stand around for a little while, I painted it with iron paints and slightly rusted it, assembled it, added some tin vine leaves. Popped a little bird inside on a few twigs from the garden. Added a lost and found hummingbird to the top.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

More Flowers

Yep you got it more flowers added to this card again using the Marianne design creatables die LR0142, I have used the matching paper to blend it all in together.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

upcoming papercraft shows

I have been helping out a friend Deb who owns a shop 'Heaven Scent Crafts in Croydon' well she has a few shows coming up and I have been making some really cute cards and no cute is not my style, but hey I am starting to like them just a little, but don't tell her that. Made these really cool flowers from a die that she will be selling at the Geelong & Burwood papercraft show, Geelong show is on next weekend in case you are in the area and want to stop bye. She will also be at Paperific the first weekend in April. These particular dies used, are by Marianne Design Creatables LR0145 & LR0108. I do have to say these dies are so versatile and awesome with unlimited possibilities. These flowers only took me a few minutes to make and can be dressed up or down by adding just a little stickles, distress crackle or even a little bling. It is amazing how many times you can add a little flower to you work. Again sorry about the photography really poor but best I can do considering I am at work and I took this photo with my Iphone.


It is that time of year again when people seem to be having birthdays all around me. I usually start Boxing day and make all the cards for everyone for the whole year and get them out of the way but with working more and more these days and my schedule up in the air it just hasn't happened. Maybe soon I will be able to achieve this, but for now I am having to do them as I go.

Men are hard to make cards for, not many stamps around and I always go back to the vintage style.

Then my dear daughter said she needed a card for a male friend at school that morning and it was already well into the night without any sleep, so a quicky card happened. Sorry about the photography it is lousy.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sweet 16

My baby girl is now 16, where does the time go? It is hard to belive how grown up she is, it only seemed like yesterday that she was born. Like most girls she is into Gothic stuff and Vampires so keep with what she wants I have created this birthday card for her. The stamp is by Sweetpeastamps and is called 'Red Hearts' the paper is by Die Cuts With a View (Mariposa)I have used Copic Pens to colour the girl and rub-ons to the rear of the glitter paper.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Creative Soul Retreat that was held in March of this year here in Melbourne as part of a swap some people made Twinchies in the Leonardo DaVinci Theme. I finally got around to painting a background and mounting some of the Twinchies that were made by the group. Pam Hicks, Nousie Nelson, Martina Hart, Roslyn McGechan, Svetlana Spajojevic, Kyla De Ruiter, Maidi Murphy, Glenda Laing, Mandy Herring, Margaret Weiss, Diana O'Cobhthaigh & Ruth Spitzer. Joan McAlpine also but something came off this one, nowhere to be found, so I added a photo corner. Thanks ladies beautiful work all mounted. Now I just have to catch up with other unfinished projects.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Beatles/Stones Blog Swap On Bockel24

Got an email from Marion Bockelmann asking if I would join in her 4th Annual Blog Swap again this year. So for a bit of fun I have committed myself. I seem to be having a bit of a problem with that of late, so I decided on doing my own sure fail safe system, make the ATC's first then notify Marion that I have completed and committed. Haven't made ATC's for awhile and the theme was Beatles or Stones. I had to do the Beatles as my husband and his family have a big connection with the famous band when he was younger. Not my best work but definitely in the category of 'It's been a hard day’s night', in type on the ATC is the lyrics to the song.