Saturday, 9 February 2008


Transportation we all use it at some stage in our lives. I use my car just about every day. Have you ever considered how lucky we all are to have what we have today? Look at the motor vehicle over the years the design and style have come a long way, with Cd multi stackers and DVD machines in the rear of the seats. What about the sunroof? I just looooove my sunroof, especially when it rains and the water beads on it. Transportation is a huge part of everyones life regardless of the modern appliances that they have. This is what I thought about when Lucy suggested to do an atc swap around this theme. I did also think about the old fashioned photos with my grandparents sitting in a model scenery plane. What do you think of when confronted with this title? I just love this vintage car and the road signs that don't go with the era. Atc's can be a little different and quirky can't they?

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