Monday, 25 August 2008

Altered Jumbo Playing Card Book

I made a little book out of some Altered Jumbo Playing Cards that my daughter and I made. Myrene altered 6 cards and I altered 6 and put them into this cute little book and bound the book with the Zutter Machine, gosh I love this little machine I really have got value for my money with it.
I used Golden paints for the cover and also the yummie Micaceous Iron Oxide with Glass Beads from Golden over the top, I wish you could look, see and feel the texture on these covers because they are really, really awesome. If you dont have any of these products then you have to seriously consider in getting some they are fantastic.


Lucy said...

Love the covers you made Eliza! Colors are so deep & rich.

Louisa said...

Your Tagged nah, nah ,nah, no oopps mean nominated for I love your Blog.

Queen Of Toys said...


Thanks for looking and yes the golden colours are rich and deep, you just cant go wrong with golden products.