Saturday, 2 August 2008

Shift working household

I quite often say to friends that I am actually nocturnal, I cope better working at night than at anytime of the day. I have to say that I love the night-time above all. For people that know me, they know that the house that I live in is literally upside down with the strange hours that my husband Ross and I keep. We are both shift workers and work some rather strange hours and massive amounts of hours in a 24 hour period. Actually it can go on for weeks like this and we just try and survive, sleep when we can and eat when we can. I don't know how we manage this chaos, but we do. We also do have some down times too that we can have a few days off in a row, that is when the body is saying 'yippee sleep time, rest time'. When we are sleeping during the day we have been putting this rather sad little piece of paper on the front door saying 'please don't ring bell night shift workers are sleeping' this could mean we are both asleep or just one of us. This little sign has survived the rain, hail and sunshine. I promised myself one day I would make a proper sign for the door. Something that is pleasant to look at rather than this crappy little note. Well with me being grounded at the moment and not being allowed to work because of surgery that I had a week ago, I have been ploughing through some of the UFOs and some of the jobs marked desperately needed. Well this is one of the need jobs that I have done, yep the door sign is finally made and good enough for the door. Lets just hope that people take notice of it and don't wake us up when they shouldn't. If you are a shift worker then you will understand the need for sleep to survive the different world we live in at night.


Julie H said...

OH NO! Now I am embarrassed. I have one of those scrappy pieces of paper with some blu-tack! I love this door plaque and hope it works for you.
The canvas niche is gorgeous too.

Queen Of Toys said...


Yes the things we need the most are put to the back of the pile to be done. I am so glad I have made the plaque because it really does work better than the paper.

Thanks for looking.