Friday, 10 October 2008

Painted Faces & Pennants

Sometimes I get this idea in my head and it just wont go away. No I am not crazy, that is what I keep telling myself. Well sometimes you just have to go with the idea and this is one of those times. I have been putting off trying to paint faces for ages now. I have tried one other face and it was on an old magazine picture that you gesso over and then build it up from there. I never ever finished the picture, I must go back one day and finish it. Well this time I started from scratch. Yes I got the watercolour paper and painted the background with the credit card and acrylic paints, then started with the face. I had this idea of just doing a half shot of the face and well this is what I ended up with. One funky looking girl with rosebud cheeks. I stamped the stampington scroll on with black brilliance and put the Lace Boarder that had also been blackened. Inked the edges and the Pennant is all finished. The eyes needed some more work but I forgot about that when I painted a layer of Polymer Varnish on to protect it, maybe next time I will do that.

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