Saturday, 8 November 2008


The spring fever has really hit me hard this year. Hhhhmmmm where do I start with this entry, I have no pictures to show you of what I have been doing as of yet. I have not been that creative to be honest. I have been flat out sorting out the house and spring cleaning. I decided to containerize my dungeon, take out all of the baskets that housed my craft stuff and then put everything into containers that are labeled. Wow what an exercise it has been. Talk about rubbish that I have collected and poked in here and there. My goodness it is a nightmare and a job that I somewhat regret starting. Now I am totally committed and I have to finish what I started. Mind you when it is done it is going to be great. If I want butterflies the butterflies have their own container and I wont have to rifle my way through things to find them. Lettering is all together, chipboard etc. etc. what a job. I have used my spare bedroom as a dumping ground whilst I work and now I have to work on fixing that up too. When all is done and sorted I will upload some pictures for you to see.

In the meantime I have been looking at a book that my dear friend Glenda has just acquired and it is called Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts, this book is brilliant the details that she goes into to give the amazing results and the angles/techniques is truly a master effort and if you don't have the book, it is one that you really should put on that Christmas List it is a MUST HAVE book.

I have nearly finished making my Christmas Cards, all I have to do is the inside of the card and all can be finished and ready for posting. Mind you there are a lot of Chrissy Cards . I cant show you them either because it will spoil surprises for those on my Chrissy List.

That is about it for now I will post again soon.

Hugs to all


Lucy said...

Looking forward to seeing the 'new & improved' craft room!
Just letting you know that you have been 'TAGGED'. Go to my blog & check it out!
Hugs Lucy

Margaret Weiss said...

Hi, well done. I am sure you will be so happy when its all done. Love to see some photos of before and after on your blog!!!! Margaret Weiss