Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Went off to Bevleas house yesterday and had a play day with the goal in mind that we are going to work on Chapter 3 of Taking Flight book by Kelly Rae Roberts. This chapter covers an area, which involves using polymer clay on a canvas. What a day, I played hooky from work. Mind you work is so full on that I was sort of glad for the relief and the therapy of art. The day was total fun playing with different textured products to apply paint with. Bevlea, Lucy & Glenda also produced a beautiful piece of artwork that they will be showing on their blogs soon, I hope. Of course we had Barb in Wagga doing hers by the internet and that looks so different to ours but I still love it anyway.


Lucy said...

Canvas looks great Eliza! It was such a fun day, looking forward to the next one.
Also, pleased to see your updating your blog, but, still waiting for pics of the new & improved studio!!!
Laughs from Lucy

Barb said... rebel you...vbg
You placed your polymer dress on the other side of the canvas so I am not the only one to "stray"..LOL
Me thinx we all did good..vbg

Linda B said...

the best artist is one who doesn't follow the others because they are happy to learn and grow and experiment and play. Goodo!

Shirley Fyfe said...

This looks fantastic! Great colours too!