Sunday, 22 February 2009

Little Houses 4 Retreat

Hip hip horray I have finally finished the Little Houses for the Creative Soul Retreat in 3 weeks time. I needed to make something bright and arty for this swap and they are definatley bright no doubt about that. Now all I have to do is bag them in the morning.


Miss Oddity said...

Oh my Queen I love them!!!!!

After tea I am going to try and get a few more done ... they certainly aren't as pretty as yours ... maybe I could but an alias on the back and blame someone else for them ... hahahahahah

Bummer neither of us won the DJ giveaway ... that would have been amazing.

Love you, don't work too hard and I'll see you soon!

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Lizzy Babe for you lovely comments. As for the DJ giveaway nope not this time not ever.