Monday, 16 February 2009

Time has flown by

Gosh where has this year gone? I can't believe we are half way through February already. I have been doing some creative work but nothing uploaded, yes I am a naughty girl and my dear friend has told me off. So many pieces of art are only partly finished and some are definitely finished, I just need to upload. So you will hopefully in the next few days see some work popping onto the blog to show you that I have been busy.

Aside from all of that I have been still working hard with my charity work, I was struggling with Christmas toys and hampers before Christmas, to move onto my normal paid job which took up massive amounts of time in January with filming etc. And with the bushfires happening here in Victoria I have been on the road doing charity work seeing some of the most horrific sights I have ever seen in my life. Yes there are houses that have been burnt to the ground but some of these, there was nothing left, nothing at all. Amongst all that has been lost, there has also been some places that just missed the fires completely and how this has happened goodness only knows. In some cases that I have seen, the fire was all the way around the houses not even 1-meter surrounding and the people inside the house have survived. I have been spending some time with the Chilburn CFA. There are many families stranded and isolated, they can’t go anywhere due to looting and no transportation, the wheels of the car are gone, the car is totally destroyed. These stranded, homeless families have nothing except themselves, this is some of the most heartache that I have seen in my life, some have lost their partners, family and everything. I was speaking to some CFA workers that were away fighting fires in Clonbinane near Whittlesea, a fair distance from their own homes only to find out their own homes and family were in jeopardy, some even lost their homes. I saw a letter added to the rear of the Chilburn fire trucks that was the letter 'T' changing it to Chilburnt and believe me Chilburnt it is. They have time for humour these people and that is good. Amazingly enough the Chilburn fire station is left untouched and the fires were all around it, right up to their doors. Whilst the CFA fire workers were off fighting fires in other areas their own station was in serious trouble with 1 staff member inside all on her own, she told me she didn't know if it was day or night when the fire was upon her, she just struggled on and stayed positive and communicated with the CFA fighters, and gave the orders that needed to be given, soldier on this woman did. Good on you all and many others that have been fighting for over a week to help others, putting your own lives at risk, you truly are the heroes amounst all this tragedy. I know as of Saturday you were stood down for 2 days to rest and a well-deserved rest you need. This is one base contact that I will always be in touch with. I am not going to show the photos that I have of places, there are just too many out there circulating around, I will keep them for myself to remind me of what was. There is so much work to do to repair lives and homes, this has only just begun.

So after the harrowing times of late I need to create and immerse myself in some good therapy to help heal the horrors that I have seen. So today I made some atc's for swaps and have started to create again. Keep posted for all the stuff coming through.

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