Saturday, 11 July 2009


Have a look at this and drool, I am the lucky one here. I received yesterday a beautiful square pendant made by Barb Thomas.
I am not sure which is the back or which is the front as they are as beautiful as each other. She has even used real lace in these. Definatley love the wavy boarder on the inside of the frame.
I gave Barb some Square glass slides sometime ago and didn't want anything for them, that is me, always giving. Well this is a thank you and a beautiful one at that, thanks Barb it is really beautiful and I am the lucky one.
If you want to pop over and have a look at Barbs blog here is the link.
Sorry the images are not brilliant it is the glass causing the problem when it is being scanned, I think.


Lady Di said...

Good on you for doing a project you've always wanted to do and it's lovely too. I love the pendant, you are really the special one to have received a gift like that. I'm also in an altered book group for the first time this year but my mojo has escaped me for the time being.

Queen Of Toys said...

Oh Di everyone is in the same boat at the moment and lost their Mojo. Thank you for your lovely comments.

Barb said...

So pleased you like the pendant Eliza.... I really appreciated your generousity with the glass.

Queen Of Toys said...

That is me Barb always giving and so please that I did as I got one returned to me and what a bonus.

Mary S said...

Who's the lucky duck then... gorgeous pendants from Barb Eliza!

Queen Of Toys said...

It's me that is the lucky duck Mary, thanks for dropping by.