Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Gosh the time is flying by and before we know it, it will be Christmas. Lots of things have been happening in the last couple of months for me. ART has been done in drib n drabs. We, being Lucy, Bevlea and Glenda started our Cityscape project together theirs has
been uploaded well before mine, yes I am slack but no time to scan
let alone play much. So here I am starting to show you the bits that I have created. I chose an 'Industrial Theme'. The images at the back are of an old rustic building that I found one day in my travels with a friend 'Glenda' . I quickly did a U-turn in the car and went back with the camera and got heaps of shots. At first she thought I was a nutter, soon after she saw what I was up to and took some photos as well. The walls of the building are fantastic and full of character, this character I have used as the basis for my 'Cityscape'

The page beside with the man standing next to the number 2 has a door that overlays the page as you can see the opened version and the closed version.

below the pages all run into a theme that describes the times and the industrial workplace.


Lucy said...

Well done.
Hugs Lucy

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Lucy

Barb said...

Oh Elizabeth!!..this is the most stunning work I have seen of yours!...I love it...and would gladly die for it...LOL

Keep taking those photos!

Queen Of Toys said...

Wow now that is one compliment Barb thank you for that, It is somewhat different and I really enjoyed making this cityscape.

Lady Di said...

Eliza, your work is breathtaking ... you better bring it along to CSR2010 so I can see it in the flesh (if you can fit one more thing in your car that is!!).

Queen Of Toys said...

thanks Di for your lovely comment.

drmarty62 said...

Oh mighty queen. This is truly delicious. Well done. Quite, quite stunning

Queen Of Toys said...

thanks Marty I know I actually enjoyed making the cityscape.