Monday, 14 September 2009

10 Minute Card by Bevlea Challenge

On the 2cre8art website Bevlea has put up this challenge using transperancies and alcohol inks. Well this is my contribution. I have not, I have to admit, really had time to do much lately, but this appealed to me, I love alcohol inks and transperancies together, the results are just so yummie. I could not resist doing more than one.

The link for the site is on the sidebar of my blog but here it is just incase.

So why don't you give it a go? it is so easy and quick.


Margaret Weiss said...

HRH, they are lovely, I think I might give it a go as well! Will keep you posted! xxmargaret.

drmarty62 said...

gorgeous Liz.
Love them and love the stamps

Bevlea said...

They look terrific Elizabeth!! thanks for taking part..

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Ladies for your lovely comments and Bevlea for the challenge.

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

These are gorgeous Elizabth! I love your artwork, your cityscape is amazing!! I am going to add your blog to my list of favorites so I won't miss out seeing your beautiful creations!
Thank you so much for leaving your lovely comment on my blog and for entering my giveaway!
Good Luck!
Hugs, Carol Anne

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Carol Anne for your lovely comments and for being honoured on your blog too.

Judy Wise said...

Wow, these are gorgeous. I'm going to do some experimenting today - hee hee. Thanks for the heads up and I love your work. xo