Friday, 4 September 2009

Cute Cards

Ok, Ok, I have done this because a dear friend of mine dare'd me too. I had to make something cute. She is selling this stamp in her shop and well she dare'd me to make a card with it. So this is the final efforts completed, don't laugh, I know it is not my style but at least I can say I have done what was asked. These things are sent to try us in life sometimes and well, it is all done in the good spirit. So if you like the stamp you can purchase it from

HeavenScent Crafts :: Stamps :: Animals: "Cup cake Mouse"

I did not even have pink cardstock so the best thing was to roughly brayer the background with some acrylic paints. This made me feel a little better getting my hands dirty with some paints. It also gave me the feeling that I was altering something. The image is stamped and watercoloured.

The background speckles are created using dots by Judith Stamps. The words I am not sure about they came from the shop too.

This is Definately not me....................


Julie H said...

I just followed the link to your friends store and the stamp has sold out - Well Done!

I didn't want one, just can't resist checking out shopping links, I have been busily hunting out Teddy Bear stamps, and the like, to use with my neice so I do understand! It is hard to think pink :)

Lorri said...

Hi There,
Even if the design is not you, you created it beautifully :)
I hope you are having a good day today - sending hugs your way xoxox

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Julie and Lorri and yes it is a popular stamp as there is a great movement of cute people out there creating.

Try again Julie as Debbie will have ordered more stamps.

Bevlea said...

LOL it may not be you but they look great!

still laughing over you doing pink too roflamo