Monday, 16 November 2009


This is a book collaborative that has been initiated by a PaperArts Yahoo Group and there were 13 people in the swap that had to produce a page using the Itkupilli Collage Sheets.

We only have 12 pages as one page went missing on the way from the USA..... Again the 3 Fat Ladies + 1 got together at Glenda's new house and bound our pages together. Well the day was last Friday and the date was the 13th, would you of guessed? LOL. I have been rather sick in hospital and been confined to the house to rest, rest and more rest. I couldn't do any art and this annoyed me during this time and all I wanted to do was play. So first trip out in awhile on my own and off to Glenda's I go in the 35 degree heat.

The other 2 Fat Ladies decided to go AWOL on the way there, so we got a late start. Had to go and help them locate the new house as the GPS wouldn't turn on. Lesson #1 girls never give up your street directory. LOL Then we had a web link with the lovely talented Margaret Weiss in Sydney and the instructions were directed down the line by the 2nd Fat lady Bevlea LOL

It ended up being Bevlea stuck in the Laundry Ironing all day for us all, as I don't iron, hate it with a passion. Joining pages together with Vlisofix - heat n bond stuff you iron onto material to aid you in making clothes....... not sure on the spelling with this one..... LOL We had these lovely covers partly painted with Micaceous Iron Oxide (Golden Product) and then we stamped the covers with an embossing pad and some new spooky stamps, then silver embossed it. Well we didn't have a static mat and all the embossing powder went everywhere LOL and it really ended up being a big mess. Not a great combination Micaceous and embossing powder. So brainy me said oh to hell with it and painted over the whole cover again with Micaceous Iron Oxide and start again. Ha hhhhaaaaaaa haa you say good idea, NO NO NO it didn't work. As soon as the paint was dried and I re-embossed it all came through from the underneath as well. Ended up looking quite good and higgley piggeldy, but I liked it, so I stuck with it.

Amazing what you learn from mistakes and silliness. So we are on a roll at this stage and the book was being joined together thanks to the ironing lady LOL.... and loads of glue. So check out the pages in the book and let me know what you think, some great work there by some really talented ladies. Thanks to all the ladies whom contributed to this book it sure is an awesome memento.


Lucy said...

Book looks great Eliza.
It was a fun day, though a tad hot.
Looking forward to our next play day!
Hugs Lucy

Glenda said...

Glad that you have finished yours Eliza. YOur cover looks great.
A good fun time...... Thanks 3FL from +1

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Ladies for your visit.

Brenda Grace said...

What fun this has been for all of you - I wish I lived closer to see the real deal!


Gorgeous Eliza
I love the doll page of yours and the cover is perfect.What a fun theme.Hope you are feeling alot better too.

Cory said...

Hello Eliza,
Love your altered books.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments.

Happy New Year