Friday, 12 February 2010

Margaret Day In Melbourne

A truly lovely lady friend of mine came to Melbounre from Sydney a day early from her family and invested some time playing with the gang, being Lucy, Glenda and myself. Margaret who has all the patience in the world was teaching us some techniques with solder and links etc. We set forth to make some Bezels and create a little bit from Stephanie's Lee's book which I have mentioned on here before. This time like always we decided to put our own little twist to it. We had fun cutting the Bezels 'oh my what a stressful time that was' there is a technique to it, I do have to say. LOL turn the gadget not the pipe.....LOL... we know Margaret, I can see her laughing now. Did I mention how great and patient she was, I am sure we put her through hell and she handled it with such grace. I am such a stress monger at times....LOL. Well we Bezeled, soldered, fluxed, no I am not swearing....LOL and we soldered some more. My twist is I wanted to fill my bezel with watch parts and resin, this is the finished result. We also made these little bird nests soldered into the metal and they are still on the table being worked on but not much longer and I will post a picture of them too.


Gaby Bee said...

Absolutely stunning! You never cease to amaze me. I always love coming here to see what you are creating.
Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
Gaby xo

Glenda said...

Fabulous to see them finished Eliza, mine still how we left them. Must do them before I have no time LOL, but then I might ahve more eh!!

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks girls for your lovey comments it is so nice to know people are visiting and enjoying what they see.


Hi Eliza
OMG OMG I have a day off.I love what you did.I'm really really soldering challenged....I have tried sevral times but my shaky hands do me in.I so wish I had a day spare when I come down for the retreat just to sit and watch you do bezels!!!Isn't the resin lovely?.Where you using ice resin or other?.

Queen Of Toys said...

No Annette I was using the other resin on this particular job and I am waiting on the arrival of the Ice Resin Had a great day and you are welcome any time.