Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Art Dolls

These were fun to make and send off to New Zealand Again, goodness me everything seems to be going off to New Zealand these days. I just love all the girls over there in Kiwi land they are fantastic artists and always such a blast to communicate with.

Well attached two of the dolls Called 'Princess Isabella' and 'Princess Beatrice' 'Princess Isabella' on the left side is a good girl but 'Princess Beatrice' on the right, she is such a naughty girl she got up to all sorts of mischief when all the art dolls got together in NZ. They partied at Sheela's house and the reports that came back were outrageously funny.

To be honest these were the real first attempt at doing Art Dolls and boy 'o' boy did I have some fun. I just hope the girls are still having fun and partying hard. The dolls that I received in return for these darlings are fantastic. Thanks to all who created them and for the challenge to make them.

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