Saturday, 26 April 2008

Seems Like Forever

It seems like forever since I have been on my blog and the silly part is I have been doing stuff just have not had time to upload. Did a Canvas for Mary a friend in Brisbane but can't show that to you yet as she hasn't received it, I do not want to spoil her surprise.

Had Deb a friend come over yesterday and we had a creative day with different techniques like tearing paper and making backgrounds. It was fun to do with the paper all torn out of different books and sticking them down and putting the masking paper on and tearing it off to leave torn bits here and there. I did a final coat over the paper with some Matt Polly Varnish. You can see the sample connected to this entry. Also did a few atc's for fun using different coloured wax just to see how it comes out on the base card and then with the images, these images were laying around my desk and they were begging to be used. See the attached. Deb hadn't done any of these techniques at all before so it was a real eye opener for her. I do believe she had heaps of fun and learnt lots. I think I will do another background today with the torn paper but do it slightly different. So now I am off to play, catch up with you all later on.

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