Thursday, 4 September 2008

Pendants Created

I have decided to do something completely different for a change. I got this idea from a collection of works by the one and only Tim Holtz. I hunted around for bits n pieces for this, I found rusty keys, fuse's, washers, bent nails, I even got the little diodes from the bottom of my tool box, they haven't been used for years. It really is amazing when you start looking for strange things of what can be found out there. I cut some heavy duty chipboard and covered it with paper and inked it over. My hunting was fun and creating a blast. I made one of the pendants special for Lucy that is why one of the pendants has the letter L. I know she likes it because I gave it to her today at lunchtime. The smile was enough and said it all.


Julie H said...

Wonderful pendants, I am sure Lucy was pleased!

rosebudinnh said...

very nice pendents!!! Rose