Friday, 5 September 2008

A Really Simple Card

I read somewhere the other day that a particular person (not to be mentioned) was fed up with Winter and come on Summer. Well I have to say that I am too definitely over Winter and the cold weather. I want Summer here, where I can warm up my bones and do some fun outside things like go to the beach. This inspired me to do a card for a friend for her birthday, although her birthday is in the middle of Winter, she will be tickled pink to get this bright coloured one. She is forever complaining that she cant have a BBQ with friends sitting out on the deck, over or even a Pool Party, or go to the beach. So my idea was to bring Summer to her, I have used real sand with a sprinkling of gold glitter and real shells . This is a shaker style card, bright and summery, the sand and shells move around. Happy Birthday Celeste.


Linda Elbourne said...

Fab card Elizabeth X

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Linda for you lovely comment.