Friday, 20 March 2009

DJ Pettitt Journal Class On Saturday

What an amazing class I have had with DJ Pettitt she is one truly fabulous lady that is so, so talented. At the Creative Soul Retreat I was in her class on the Saturday and we made a journal. Here are my efforts from her brilliant teaching. How on earth we managed to get as much of the journal as we all did that day is really beyond me. This class should have taken a few days to complete but we did it, well I did it. I do have a secret to share the binding and beads were done after the class was finished and it took a few drinks of the stiff kind to get me through to the end. I think DJ is going to be posting something to that effect on her blog, not sure if it has happened yet.

We used so many techniques and secrets of hers that I just can’t go through them now, but I do remember them all quite clearly.

Thank you DJ for being a great teacher these are techniques that I am going to be using for a long, long time.

These pages were made from Watercolour Paper and feel like leather when finished.

Signature Pages Inside the journal


Lucy said...

YUMMY, FABULOUS journal Eliza!!!!! I am sooooo jealous!
Hugs Lucy

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Lucy we can do a lesson later on when we get time.
So, so sorry you missed out.

Eva said...

I agree with Lucy - jealous too ... fantastic - I'm impressed!


Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Eva the class was great

brenda grace said...

Loved meeting you and enjoying your full on 'love life' personality we need more of them so start the training right now!. But most of all thankyou so very much for taking the time out to chat with me and catch up on all things that really matter - genuine friendship it was much appreciated and will never be forgotton. Will watch your blog with great expectations of much more creativity to come to be inspred by miss queen of toys!Brenda Grace xxx

DJ said...

Hey there Eliza!
Thank you so much for the laughs at the retreat and the kind words about class. LOVE your book! Stopped by to tell you to go take a peek at my blog. :-)
Yes... I spilled the beans... the finished book, the crown and the bottle of Scotch.
I'm still chuckling.

Queen Of Toys said...


I feel so honoured to have you visit my blog and thank you for being a brilliant teacher.

I am now off to read what you have said about me........ hehehe VBG

Mischief Maker said...

Hi Elizabeth, firstly thanks for your comments on my blog. It is nice to have a comment from someone different once in a while. Secondly your work is amazing. DJ Petit is one person I would have loved to have learnt from. Unfortunately Melbourne is too far away and the costing of the classes is way too much. I can only give a heavy sigh that I will not get there next year. I hope you have a wonderful last half of the week.