Thursday, 26 March 2009


I snapped this photo the other day of my dads cat, he is my dads best friend and his name is George. Mind you I call him Osama after the known terrorist because when he came here to visit he would be really nasty to my husbands cat and that wasn't nice at all. Well George has just had another visit with his other family (us) whilst dad was away camping and fishing. He sleeps in my dads room and only socializes with my cat and they are like kissing cousins. Gosh he really is a beautiful cat.


Eva said...

Oh my Elizabeth ... he looks so much like my 'Pepper' (ie: my cat)! They say we all have a look alike somewhere in the world - guess cats do too ... lol.

Queen Of Toys said...

You know Eva after today seeing your Pepper I do believe you are correct, they are so much alike.