Wednesday, 29 April 2009

How Dare You Challenge - Smile

The last dare for the How Dare You Design Team I could not do for certain reasons, I had to say I am sorry I just can't do it. I just could not stop crying, the dare really effected me in a way that runs very deep in my heart. But this time this month the Dare is 'Smile' well that turned things around for me and I had some hope and some creative urge to get on with things again. I put some of my learned skills into action and did this canvas with no help from anyone at all. I didn't even run it by my nearest and dearest friend, for a look see to make sure all was alright. I have completely gone out on a wing here and created without incoming comments. I do hope you like the painting, because I really did try.

The saying on the canvas is

'Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart'

This canvas certainly fixed my heart and helped me get through another year.


drmarty62 said...

Wow Eliza
It's really lovely. You achieved very well. I love it. See what you can do when you trust yourself.

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Marty

Aga said...

Elizabeth your canvas really is beautiful and the quote seems perfect for your wonderful painting!!

Also thanks for your kind words about my image transfer - it was my first time using this technique but something I will try again!
I've included a link for all the instructions and hope you will give it a go too :)
Aga xx

drmarty62 said...

Hey Eliza
I just gave you an award. Check out my blog. Hope you accept it.

Lucy said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVELY Eliza! Well done, I love it!!
Hugs Lucy

Queen Of Toys said...

thanks Lucy

marieJ said...

Hey eLiza

I love it!! a lot!!

Hope you are working on next one.

I have nothing to show as yet but few canvases are "work in progress"
and hope at least one of them will be good enough for "show and tell"
...enjoying your blog

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.