Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Oh I must be a lucky girl because I have not received one but two Kreativ Blog Awards. The first one was from Diana O'Cobhthaigh and the other one from Martina Hart. Wow am I a lucky girl, I am not really sure if i really deserve these but now that I have them I will have to just do the right thing and pass them on to others.


List 7 things that you LOVE

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Diana O'Cobhthaigh -

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1. I love my family, my husband Ross, he is a great guy who puts up with my love of art and my random acts, of whatever peeks me at the time. I don't have a very big network of family around me but I do have 2 healthy big children, 1 boy 24 and 1 girl 14. My father he lives nearby and I see him everyday and that is a real blessing. I love that he just drops in when ever he wants and makes my day complete. This is the only family that I have and I am so lucky to have what I do.

2. I love doing Charity work, to help the less fortunate in the community. I am on a board of directors and do loads of voluntary work to help make life easier for others in need. I also hold an electrical ticket and i test appliances and repair them where needed. This is so cool and heaps of fun. Usually a male dominated job, but hey I get to work with some great blokes and chicks can do this stuff too. The best part is I can get dirty and it looks like I have been working hard. heehehehehe
3. My art or if you want to call it my salvation craft. Without this I would be climbing walls and screaming in fits of madness, so much that i would need to be locked in a padded cell for my own good. Thank goodness that my art/craft keeps me happy and sane. If I don't do art, then I am a cranky person and not nice to be around, trust me on that one. I think I have an obsessive compulsive disorder. ROFLOL

4. My nearest and dearest friends, without you, and you know who you are, coz I am not going to say names. Thank you for being you, i love you from the bottom of my heart, to the moon and back again. Friends are the relatives that you choose for yourself. How true.
5. My fury animals, their dedication and love for me and them is endless and they are always happy to see me come home or be in the same room with me where ever I am. Both my fury ones are ginger in colour, but I call that orange, I love that too.

6. My paid job, wow where do I start with that one, I don't tell many people what i do for work as it can be a bit daunting at times and strange. I do specialist security work and personal protection for celebrities/stars. I hang around broadcasting crews and events and make sure all is fine with them. It is so great sometimes to see a show before it is aired on TV and see the behind the scenes stuff. I get to go different places all the time, so being bored of going to work at the same place day after day just does not happen with me. I do have very, very long hours and heaps of travel.

7. Lucky last all things Royal, I don't know if it is the gold or the sparkle or the aristocracy of it. Anything royal at all will make me smile and give me that little twitch, I want it, I must have it.

Well that is it for that part of the award now onto the ones that i choose to tag.........

I just love her way of blogging and her easy way of putting a story together.

2. Sarah -
What this girl can create is amazing. She makes the best vintage stuff I have seen in ages.

I am amazed at the lovely way Hermine puts together collages, her use of mediums is interesting and worth checking out.

I met Dawn at the Creative Soul Retreat in Melbourne in march and I admired her strength and love of craft/art. Pity I didn't get to know you more but time was cut short.

I am not going to put anymore names up on the list I should have 7, well in actual fact 14 because I have two awards, but that just seems far to much for me, as this is so hard to do, I love anyone that has the creative urge to blog about it without the glory that enrages some people. I loved receiving this award from some very dear friends but I just can't decide whom it should go to anymore. So the ones that I have selected are it from me, the best of the bunch. I hope you girls love this award and if you don't feel like forwarding this award on, please don't feel obligated, I will not hold you to it.
So from me goodbye for now and off to find the photos to update my blog with art.
Hugs to all Elizabeth


Hermine said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth, I am very honoured.

Queen Of Toys said...

You are welcome Hermine I love your work.

Aga said...

Sorry it took me a while, but I finally have the award up. Also I've enjoyed reading about all the things you love and wow your job sounds very interesting!
Thanks again Elizabeth :)
Aga xx

Sarah said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth, you have made me blush LOL.. I love your altered spoons. They are very clever.