Saturday, 16 May 2009


I have seen some altered over time and always wanted to alter some. So the time came that i just had to do it myself. So why not do this as a swap on my ATC & Mixed Media Yahoo Group, I was on a roll and decided to make everyone that was contributing to the swap an extra spoon. I used heaps of buttons that I had in tins from not only my grandmother but my mother as well. I threaded the buttons with a combination of beads and wrapped this around the handles of the spoons. I used alcohol inks undiluted on the spoons and mixed the colours up to create a real intense colour. Added an image, placed some Microbeads and/or Golden Garnet Gels mixed with real gemstone chips at the bottom. Drilled some holes at the top of the spoon to thread some ribbon through to hang.


Julie H said...

Very nice! I think the spoon swap I was in about 12 months ago is still my favourite swap.

Margaret Weiss said...

Lovely spoons. I hope you are well. xxxmargaret weiss.

Queen Of Toys said...

Thanks Ladies,

Yes I loved the swap Julie, hence why I made one for everyone that contributed in the swap.

Margaret also thank you and yes i am doing ok.

Eva said...

Well ... I'm a very lucky recipient of one of those spoons (made by your good self - Elizabeth) - and pleased I am!

Thank you Elizabeth ... I have it hanging on the stereo unit door - right next to the TV - where I can admire it from my craft table/s!

Love it!