Thursday, 29 March 2012

This is Melbourne in the distance taken from Williamstown. The other is of the sail yards at Williamstown.

My daughter Myrene and I went out for the day to track down some of her friends which she has been following on the high seas of Antarticia. They were there for a good cause saving the whaling of whales from the nasty Japanese who are using these beautiful creatures for meat and goodness knows what else. So the anti-whaling ship was arriving in port and she just has to go and check it out and say hi to some friends. It was a really beautiful day and a lovely drive too. The Steve Irwin will be in port for a few months doing repairs and will be joined by another few shortly from the same fleet being the Sea Shephard fleet. They had a most successful season stoping the Japanese from reaching their quota of whales they only managed to catch 1 third of the quota and they went home defeated, thank goodness we still have more whales in the ocean, they are an amazing creature that needs loads of help.

The Steve Irwin was named after the late Steve Irwin from the Australia Zoo. A man dedicated to the love of animals from all corners of the earth. What a great legacy to help these defenceless whales.

From my understanding the Steve Irwin does not fly the Australian flag because it is regestered to another country, what a pity.


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Eliza,

I am a big fan of Steve Irwin. After his death it looked as if his daughter would follow in his footsteps but I haven't heard much about her lately.

What a great cause -- whaling is such a terrible industry. Very sad that we are losing so many of our animals to greed.


Rita said...

I loved Steve Irwin and always watched his programmes. Beautiful pictures. My only brother is in Adelaide. TFS. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xx

Thanks for the lovely comments left on my blog.

Angie said...

Steve Irwin was someone that I adored. His passion for animals and preservation was just incredible. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Kirsty.a said...

Great cause - who wouldn't support the cessation of whaling? Beautiful photos too

Neesie said...

Steve Irwin was a very special person...and thankfully there are more out there like him, taking up these worthy causes. Imagine a world without whales...Unthinkable!
Great photos of Melbourne ;D

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...I think Steve's death shook the whole world, so tis a fitting tribute for this boat to be named after a truely wonderful man...some fabby piccy's you've got there...thanks for sharing today...Mel :) #34

Whimcees said...


What beautiful photos! I have always wanted to visit Australia - always. Your daughter's friend certainly have exciting adventures! I loved Steve and was a great fan of his and still like to read of his family and what they are doing now. Yes, the lights on my workdesk are OttLites - I have poor eyesight and these are the only lights that help me see clearly when working on my projects. My floor lamps in the living room area are also OttLites - I love them! They are expensive but very worth the price. Wishing you a sunshine day!


Barbara Diane

JoZart said...

Good luck to them andI'm with their cause all the way. Great pics!
joZarty x
Thanks for popping by my blog.

Sara Jansen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...this shingles is nasty stuff. Glad to hear your blindness was temporary. Today was a big day in my world, my eyebrow moved up and down. I'm on the mend!!Sara #172

Neet said...

Thanks for this information - save the whales definitely.
Neet xx